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Timely CID Disclosure and Due Diligence

Complete your due diligence before closing your real estate deal with the help of Community Association DataSource in San Jose, California. Before the sale of a property subject to a homeowners association agreement, the prospective buyer must be told the details of the agreement. We bring nearly a half century of experience to reviewing these documents.

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We understand speed is important so we guarantee delivery of our standard document review within 72 hours of receipt of the document package. If for any reason we can't keep that agreement, your price will be credited $50. Prospective buyers may safely rely on our report for 90 days from the date of issue, but must understand that the governing body may make decisions every month that can change the HOA. It's similar to a post-inspection termite infestation limiting the reliability of a physical inspection.


We suggest that if a document review is 60 days or older that the client "refresh" the review at a reasonable cost. If parts of the report are incorrect then the client agrees to notify the reviewer before any corrective measures are undertaken, and further, to allow a reassessment by the reviewer at no cost to the client.


If the reviewer determines a modification is required, the client agrees to allow the reviewer the opportunity to make the change before making any modification on their own behalf and before any mediation, arbitration, or civil action. If there is a conflict regarding the wording of a report, the report kept at Community Association DataSource shall prevail.